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Pavilion Program - Week Two

04 December 2023

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This panel will seek to uncover insights into regional and international interest to support and advance funding to sustainable finance in Southern Africa.

Mr. James Chapman, Executive Officer: Retail Banking Services, Capricorn Group Namibia
Mr. Nigel Beck, Head of Sustainable Finance & ESG Advisory, RMB
Dr. Olufunso Somorin, Regional Principal Officer, Green Growth, AfDB
Dr. Reem El Sherif, Lead: Strategy and Innovation, RMB

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This panel outlines a comprehensive roadmap for achieving sustainability and compliance with global best practices in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. It explores strategies for businesses and organisations to navigate ESG challenges, ensuring ethical practices, environmental responsibility and long-term success while contributing positively to society.

Ms. Toni Beukes Head: ESG, Hyphen Energy
Mr. Michael Salvatico, Head of Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa – ESG solutions, S&P Global
Mr. Nigel Beck, Head of Sustainable Finance and ESG, RMB

Mr. Ruan Bestbier, Group Head Sustainability, Capricorn Group Namibia
This panel shares insights from women’s empowerment initiatives in the global South, emphasising the importance of alliances. It discusses collaborative efforts among governments, NGOs, and local communities to overcome gender disparities. Participants share practical experiences and strategies to uplift women, fostering greater equality and socio-economic development in these regions.
This panel will focus on current perceptions around Namibia’s Green Hydrogen journey, as well as the barriers of addressing hesitance from companies in the sector, regionally and internationally and suggest strategies to overcome these barriers. It also emphasises the specific context of Namibia, which is a potential leader in green hydrogen production.

Ms. Alessandra Pasini, Co-Founder and President, Zhero
Dr. Hans Dieter Hermes, Vice President, Worley
Ms. Mercia Geises, Director: Investment, Climate Fund Managers

Mr. François van Schalkwyk, Executive Director, NIPDB

05 December 2023

In this session, experts and thought leaders will explore the multifaceted aspects of Namibia’s strategic approach to achieving a sustainable and equitable energy future.
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The pursuit of sustainability has become a driving force in modern industries. Green steel, green mining, and green energy technologies. This topic delves into the interconnected world of these three sectors and explores how they contribute to reducing carbon emissions.


Mr. David Moore, Head:ESG, Xcalibur
Mr. Thomas Wu, CEO, DSE Technologies
Dr. Stephan Koehne, CEO, HyIron
Mr. Stefano Signore, Head of Unit, DG INTAPA-EU
Mr. Joe Walsh, CEO, Lepdico

Mr. Chris Movirongo Country Manager: Namibia Fortescue

This panel will investigate the current and future needs of the carbon market (voluntary and compliance) by hosting recognized carbon markets experts representing recognized organisations in public, private and NGO sectors.
This panel discussion aims to delve into the critical realm of climate finance for developing countries, drawing evaluative lessons from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
In this illuminating panel discussion, we will explore the groundbreaking strides made by Namibia in the realm of carbon markets through the introduction of the Namibia Carbon Registry and Transparency System.

06 December 2023

This presentation illuminates Namibia’s forward-thinking commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change and achieving sustainable energy practices in alignment with Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
This panel discussion is a deep dive into the imperative of resilient urban development in the diverse and dynamic cities of Africa
This panel discussion navigates the intricate interplay between climate considerations and broader development goals, aiming to foster alignment among environmental, economic, and social dimensions.
Join us for an insightful presentation as Koako Energy takes you on a transformative journey through the cutting-edge realm of Green Hydrogen Technology, showcasing their technologies and story as a true Namibian MSME.

07 December 2023

08 December 2023

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This panel explores the critical role of youth employability, livelihoods, and entrepreneurship in fostering sustainable economic growth. It delves into strategies to empower and equip the younger generation with the skills, opportunities, and resources they need to drive economic development, innovation, and prosperity in the long term.

Ms. Shimbi Rhode, Programme Policy Officer: Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Practices, WFP
Prof. Harmony Musiyarira, Executive Dean, NUST
Mr. Julian Blom, Finnpartnership
Ms. Enid R Johr, Director: Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability, CCBA Namibia

Mr. Deon Shekuza Coordinator National Youth Council

The handover will be done in the form of an official correspondence highlighting the demands of Namibian youth, through youth inclusion in national activities which will assist to address climate change and ensure youth inclusion.

Presenter: Ms. Toini Amutenya

09 December 2023

This presentation will illuminate the nation’s groundbreaking efforts to preserve its natural heritage, promote biodiversity, and foster sustainable practices.
This presentation invites you to explore the innovative realm of Weather-Indexed Based Livestock Insurance (WIBLI), a cutting-edge financial tool designed to mitigate risks and safeguard livelihoods in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.

10 December 2023

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This panel explores the pivotal theme of leveraging resources in the food, water, and agriculture sectors to grow the Namibian economy. This dynamic session will seek to delve into strategies to propel Namibia forward, ensuring a sustainable future for current and upcoming generations.

Dr. George Fedha, Country Director, World Food Program
Ms. Nangula Amutenya Amatsi, Environmental Coordinator: Department of Water, Waste and Environmental Management, Walvis Bay Municipality
Ms. Jolanda Kamburona, Environmentalist Scientist, NamWater

Dr. George Fedha, Country Director, WFP

This presentation will showcase the partnership and projects between the World Food Programme and the Government of Namibia. It highlights collaborative efforts in addressing food security and nutrition challenges, discussing the impact of these initiatives on vulnerable populations in Namibia and demonstrating the importance of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Dr. George Fedha, Country Director, WFP

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Join us for a compelling presentation that delves into the sobering reality of climate change and its profound effects on the production of staple food crops in Namibia.
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